The Out Stretched Arm (by Andy Lee)

It wasn’t easy to be a prophet. It was a thankless job that often got tomatoes (or worse) thrown at you. People didn’t want to hear about repentance, they wanted to believe that everything was hunky-dory, even when they knew better. We’re not much different, are we? The prophet Jeremiah warned that Jerusalem would fall […]

The Power of a Mentor

Sometimes we think we need to be high in the pecking order to make a significant difference in the world. There’s a fascinating story in 2 Chronicles 22-24, however, that vividly demonstrates how one person can impact a nation without such credentials. The books of Chronicles are all about King David and the sons who […]

Angel on my Threshing Floor

We don’t always know what God’s been doing in the background. Sometimes destiny is just waiting for time, place and circumstance to collide. Take, for example, the case of Ornan and his threshing floor. David had just angered the Lord in 1 Chronicles 21 by calling for an illegal census of the people. As a […]