Too Far Away

Our first home as newlyweds was a full day’s drive from my parents’ house and even farther from that of my in-laws. Each of my husband’s promotions only increased the distance. It didn’t seem like a big deal at first. With the birth of our daughter, however, I began to grieve the almost daily milestones […]

Destiny Delayed

How often do we find ourselves “sitting by the dock of the bay,” as the song says, watching other people sail around in their dreams as we wonder when our own ship will come in? We know what our gifts are, but we don’t seem to get placed where we can use them to best […]

Angel on my Threshing Floor

We don’t always know what God’s been doing in the background. Sometimes destiny is just waiting for time, place and circumstance to collide. Take, for example, the case of Ornan and his threshing floor. David had just angered the Lord in 1 Chronicles 21 by calling for an illegal census of the people. As a […]