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Messages from the Tabernacle in the Wilderness.

Have you ever struggled to "get close" to God? Guess what. He’s already sketched us into the blueprints of His heart and He proves it with the Tabernacle designs. The following presentations can be delivered in part or in whole, individually or in combination, depending on the needs of your group and your time constraints.

How many ways can God prove we belong with Him and we are welcome in His presence? Discover how many “love letters” He’s left us in His Tabernacle blueprints.

Different members of a single body, different stones in the same building, we are called to be “the temple of the Holy Spirit” as a group, not just as individuals. Discover the Tabernacle patterns that display how we should be fitting and functioning together as a family.

No one fits as perfectly into the pattern of the Tabernacle as Jesus Christ. From the humblest piece of wood to the most glorious gem, from the roaring fire on the altar to the sacrifice burning on it. Studying the Tabernacle designs is a fresh way to understand just what Christ’s role is in our lives.


Scribe for the Lord:

Lots of people talk about feeling a nudge from the Lord to get their thoughts on paper (or online), but few find a way to answer the call. Feelings of procrastination, fear, inadequacy and lack of knowledge get in our way and we find “just doing it” is harder than it sounds. Whether He’s asking us to write for publication or for private use, ignoring that nudge can keep us wallowing in a sense of failure or guilt. Allow me to provide an encouraging jump-start for your group. There’s nothing more satisfying than saying yes to God.

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