A Life for a Life

I love Psalm 18 – until I get about a third of the way through, anyway. David is desperate in this poem. He describes feeling as though he’s entangled, coiled in seaweed, sinking to the deepest part of the ocean. Hope is gone. He’s a dead man sinking. He drifts ever lower, but manages to […]

Destiny Delayed

How often do we find ourselves “sitting by the dock of the bay,” as the song says, watching other people sail around in their dreams as we wonder when our own ship will come in? We know what our gifts are, but we don’t seem to get placed where we can use them to best […]

Stacking Bread

I keep looking at those twelve loaves sitting on the Table of Showbread in Exodus 37:10-16. (Some of you may know I’ve been studying the Tabernacle lately.) I know the bread represents the nation of Israel – all its twelve tribes, all its clans and all its individuals. Initially I only saw the table as […]