Freedom’s Centerpiece

If you walked into the courtyard of the tabernacle in the wilderness, you would have immediately faced an intimidating structure covered in bronze called the altar of burnt offerings (Exodus 38:1-7). Planted like a monolith, taking up more acreage in the tabernacle complex than any other piece of furniture, the brazen altar was so large, […]

When the Incense Goes Up

Incense is widely accepted as a symbol for the prayers of God’s people throughout Scripture. The incense appointed for the tabernacle carried a mixture of components which each gave off a distinctive aroma — stacte contributed the soft note of orange blossoms, onycha hinted at the sweetness of honey, galbanum gave off a piney sharpness, while […]

A Light that Never Dims

Light is often used as a metaphor for wisdom or enlightenment. But let’s be honest, there’s light and then there’s light. Consider how it affected the Israelites as they traveled through the desert. Wherever they went, two sources of light were always available: natural (coming from the sun and moon) and artificial (derived from fires). […]